About us

At Audio Process, our vision is to provide professional audio services across a comprehensive range of media. From grassroots documentaries to popular television shows, from business conferences and seminars to music production, we want to help.

We offer years of experience; top-level, industry standard equipment, and a highly diverse team of audio specialists. Through both formal education and long days of hands-on training, we have built our understanding of how to approach and complete challenging work.

We want to see your project through to the finish, whether it’s at the stage of an idea or only requires a final mastering. If you need professional audio, at Audio Process, that’s what we do.

Ryan Altschuler: Founder, Music Production

RyanAs the original founder of Audio Process, Ryan Altschuler has seen projects through all aspects of the business. Upon graduating from Harris Institute, Ryan began his work at a local studio and carefully studied music production under the guidance of head engineer Scott Lake. Soon, Ryan was handling studio sessions independently and gained experience not only at completing technical work, but also in responding to the needs of each artist. Demonstrating great strength at songwriting and sound design, Ryan enrolled at York University and completed a masters degree in music composition.
        Currently, Ryan is both the point of contact for Audio Process as well as our senior producer. Whether at a concert, engineering a studio session, or simply playing the piano, his love of sound and music remains unchanged.

Joshua Pemberton: Founder, Location Recording

JoshIn founding Audio Process, Josh combined years of professional experience and personal interests. From his university days at Concordia to long weekends agonizing over every single microphone placement, Josh demonstrated tremendous focus and dedication. This perfectionist nature has served his work well, shown by such recent projects as commercials for Lamont Law and Whitecap Canada, and the feature film “Deadly Voltage”.
        Having mixed four feature films and countless corporate projects, Josh now handles the core of all location recording for Audio Process; and while he doesn’t let-on, rumors have it he still has the capacity to obsess over a tough job.

Jacob Waxman: Music & Post Production

JacobHours upon hours meticulously fine-tuning sounds, mixes, and music have given Jacob Waxman a broad skill-set that he eagerly applies to all his work. Whether he’s recording a live performance, producing your band’s latest hit, or designing the sounds that bring your film to life, Jacob loves digging his teeth into any sonic meal.
        As an experienced producer and engineer, he’ll notice what needs tweaking in a mix. No matter how complex a change in tone or balance, he’ll make it happen. Recently Jacob completed post production for the short film “The Deacon” and recorded and mixed music by The Lizards, The Show and Mike Gray. It’s this type of dedication combined with Jacob’s sharp ear that leave your project with the subtle and polished gleam only a wax-finish can provide.

Gus Harris: Location Recording, Corporate Audio

GusIt all started with a 1984 Fisher Price AM/FM Radio.  For Gus’s young inquiring mind, this toy offered an exciting auditory glimpse into a world unexplored, and the empowerment of a speaker and microphone was profound. Naturally, Gus went on to become a musician.
        In the years following, Gus’s knowledge and confidence grew from work experience at Tel-AV as a freelance Audio/Visual Technician, mixing live sound at The Great Hall, and commercial sound system installation.  Now, Gus has become an emerging talent in location sound recording for film and TV, most recently having swung boom on the set of the feature “Deadly Voltage”. From Fisher Price to Sound Devices, and whether at a corporate shoot, a run-and-gun documentary or music concert, Gus loves the challenge of working somewhere in between a speaker and a microphone.

Andrew Chung: Location Recording

Andrew“Boom guy”, “Sound guy”, “Sound”. However the sound mixer/boom operator might be referred to on set, his job remains the same: capturing clean audio. That’s why we turn to Andrew. With extensive experience in location recording for all kinds of media, Andrew understands the challenges and subtleties of his work. Equipped with a sweet Sennheiser MKH50 and 416, Andrew hugs the frame and always gets the most from his boom. What if your location is noisy? Sure there might be nothing worse, but sometimes that can’t be avoided. So the next question is, how do your lavs sound? With Andrew, they will sound crisp and clean. Recently Andrew has worked on several feature films, but they don’t feature images of the boom…of course not! Andrew’s a pro and we’re delighted to offer his services.

Sergey Stephanoff: Corporate Audio

SergeySergey works hard. Really hard. No matter the job, while he’s working Sergey stays focused and attentive. This commitment is evident in both his extensive training done through Seneca College, and his professional work. Upon completing his degree in audio/visual and multimedia production, Sergey put his talents to use providing live sound at events both big and small. From seminars and conferences to fundraisers and conventions, Sergey has overseen all aspects of corporate location audio. With more than fifteen years of hands-on experience, Sergey is both technically expert and versatile in understanding the scope of a project- rest easy, you’re in great hands with Sergey.


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