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The technicians at Audio Process offer custom cable fabrication and audio equipment repairs in Toronto.  We’ve worked on a wide range of audio equipment including microphones, cables, speakers, amps and more! If you have broken audio equipment or you need a custom cabling solution, please get in touch with our service department.

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Why You Should Get Your Audio Equipment Repaired

When working with sound, your equipment can lead you to riches or ruin. Ensuring your gear is at peak performance is essential for anyone working with sound. Over time and with heavy use, even the best audio equipment is bound to get some wear and tear, but you can count on us when it comes to repairs.

Audio Equipment We Repair

Here are the types of audio equipment we repair:

  • Microphones - lavalier, plant

  • Cables - audio, RF, timecode, all tailored to your needs

  • Boom Poles - repair, recable, customize

  • Instruments - guitar, bass, acoustic

  • Preamps

  • Headphones

  • Amplifiers

  • Pedals

  • Speakers

*Due to complexity of work and difficulty in sourcing parts we cannot offer service on large diaphragm / studio-use condenser microphones.

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Schedule Your Next Repair With Audio Process

Have some audio equipment that needs servicing or custom cable needs? Fill out the form below or email our service manager and our team will get back to you right away.

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