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Audio Equipment Service & Repair Shop

The experienced technicians at Audio Process offer full-service audio equipment repairs and custom work. We’ve performed plenty of custom work on equipment including microphones, cables, instruments, amps, and more! If you have broken audio equipment, amplifiers, or studio monitors, bring them to us, and we’ll see what we can do to bring your equipment back to life. 

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Why You Should Get Your Equipment Repaired

When working with sound, your equipment can lead you to riches or ruin. The quality of your performances and recordings will be linked to the condition of your audio equipment. Ensuring your equipment is at peak performance is essential for anyone working with sound. 

Whether recording a podcast or performing on stage, equipment failures can be a significant setback. In the audio industry, no one wants to cancel events because of equipment failure. Downtime on equipment usually equals a loss in revenue. You don’t want to be surprised by emergency replacement costs on top of repairs.

Over time and with heavy use, even the best audio equipment is bound to get some wear and tear, but you can count on us to restore your gear and get it working as good as new. 

Full-Service Audio Repair & Custom Work

We strive to make your equipment work as well as the day you got it, and to last as long as possible. We can repair old and new audio equipment to be performance and recording ready. Come to us if you want to restore a piece of vintage audio equipment.

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Audio Equipment We’ve Repaired In The Past

Here are the types of audio equipment we have repaired in the past:

  • Microphones

  • Amplifiers

  • Cables

  • Boom Poles

  • Preamps

  • Headphones

  • Digital Input Splitters

  • Instruments

If you have another piece of audio equipment that you want to have repaired that you don’t see on our list, give us a call, and we can see what we can do for you.