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Location Recording In Toronto

Audio Process has provided location recording for numerous television shows, over 50 feature films, commercials for the likes of Nike, American Express & McDonalds, plus corporate videos, interviews, live events and more!

Sometimes you just aren’t able to record in a controlled environment like a studio or recording booth. For these times, you’ll be glad to know that we offer Location Recording Services to capture high-quality audio recordings wherever you need us to be. 

Location Recording is used when you want to capture a live event like a concert, sporting event, or interview. Depending on the outdoor or indoor environment, audio quality can vary. Location Recording is also ideal for live performances that you can’t record in a studio, such as theatrical performances, operas, or street performances. 

Any performance with an audience is a great time to make use of location recording techniques and equipment to capture high-quality sounds alongside stunning crowd visuals. 

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Location Recording Venues

Location recording allows you the creative freedom to record anywhere. You can record with us indoors, outdoors, and everything in between. We have the right experience and equipment for location recording for endless possibilities.

Our Location Recording Equipment

We are proud of our wide selection of microphones and other audio equipment that provides amazing audio location recording services. Here’s a list of some of our equipment:

  • Sound Devices 888 recorder w/ SL-2 module 

  • Lectrosonics SM-series/SRC wireless systems 

  • Lectrosonics Digital IFB system (“comteks”) with 6 M2R receivers & headphones 

  • Lectrosonics DCHR wireless camera hops 

  • Ambient QP5130, 5100 boom poles with Cinela windshield kits

  • Sennheiser MKH 50 Super-cardioid microphones

  • Sennheiser MKH 8060 Shotgun microphone

  • Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun microphone

  • DPA 6060 lavalier microphones

  • Sennheiser MKE 1 lavalier microphones

  • Sanken CUB-01 boundary microphones 

  • Betso TCX-2+ sync boxes 

  • Betso WTCS-1 smart slate 

If you’d like more details about our equipment list, call us!

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