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Rentals for Recording Studios In Toronto

At Audio Process in Toronto, we have rental studios for individuals or teams working on tracking, mixing, and editing. Our rental studios offer excellent sound isolation, comfortable seating, and high-end audio recording and editing gear to fulfill your recording needs. Whether you need to rent our recording studio out for a few hours or a few days, we can accommodate you during the recording and editing process. 

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Why Rent A Recording Studio?

Audio recording/editing equipment isn’t cheap. Those new to the music and audio industry may not have the money to purchase the same equipment for their own home-studio use. Microphones and all the other equipment that goes into high-quality audio costs thousands of dollars to purchase. You can ease the financial burden on your project by renting our recording studio filled with recording and editing equipment. 

One of the most important reasons to rent a recording studio is for fantastic sound isolation that you can’t find elsewhere. Our studio is built to isolate sound, and minimize outside noise bleed, resulting in clearer recordings and cleaner audio. 

When renting our recording studio, you will have access to our equipment, as well as our team of knowledgeable staff. We’ve spent years recording, mixing, and mastering different types of sounds and can help you put the final touches on your project.

Individual & Multi-Person Recording Suites

At Audio Process, we have both individual-sized and group-sized recording suites for rental. Depending on the work you want to get done, we can accommodate you with a rental studio best suited for your needs. No matter which studio you decide to rent from us, you can be sure that it will be sound-treated to reduce outside noise bleed. If you want to bring your own recording equipment, instruments, or even an editing computer into the rental recording studio, we can make sure that you will have plenty of room to work comfortably.

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Equipment Inside Our Rental Recording Studios

Our rental recording studios have a wide variety of microphones, recorders, boom poles, DAWs, headphones, and even computers for you to use when recording and editing at Audio Process.  Here’s a list of some of the equipment you can expect to have access to when you rent our recording studio:


  • DAW’s: Pro Tools Ultimate, Ableton Live 10 Suite, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Reaper

  • Plugins: UAD Ultimate 7, Waves Mercury, Melodyne 4 Studio, Auto-Tune Pro, Izotope RX7 Advanced, Fabfilter Total bundle

  • Computers: 2018 6-core Mac Mini w/ 64GB ram, 2TB SSD

  • Computer Monitors: Asus MX27AQ 2.5k 27

  • Microphones: Flea 47 Next, Neumann U87 Ai, Shure SM7B, Shure SM58, DPA 6060

  • Mic Preamps: Neve 1073LB, API 512-C, LaChapell 583S mk2, Neve 511

  • Computer Peripherals: Apple Magic Mouse 2, Apple Magic Keyboard w/ Numeric Keypad, Startech USB Hub

  • TV/Projectors: 85”, 75”, 42” Sony 4K HDR TV’s, Barco G60-W8 Projectors

  • Audio Interfaces: Universal Audio Apollo x16

  • Headphone Amps: Presonus HP60

  • Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

  • Reference Monitors: Dynaudio LYD 48s

  • Reference Monitors for Surround: Dynaudio BM5 mk iii, Dynaudio BM9S mk ii

  • D.I./Splitters: Radial JDI Duplex D.I. boxes, JS2 Mic splitters

Book Time In Our Rental Recording Studio

If you are looking for a rental recording studio in Toronto, get in touch with us at Audio Process, and we can help get you set up with all the equipment you need to start recording and editing in the comfort of our 30,000-square-foot recording studio. 

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