Audio Process

Video Shooting Space In Toronto

Finding a place to shoot a video can be a challenge, especially in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. If you’ve been looking for a place to shoot your next movie, show, or video, check out Audio Process. Our 30,000-square-foot facility includes a spacious studio with complete sound isolation plus several additional rooms for wardrobe, hair & makeup, and hosting clients.

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Why Shoot Your Video At Audio Process?

The answer is easy! We have everything you will need to start and finish your video. From recording your audio, shooting the video, and editing it all together, we have all the equipment you need and the technical support to help you through any hurdles that might appear. 

We have a large studio that not only lets you shoot your video, but also has space for your wardrobe and make-up team to make sure your models, actors, and entertainers look their best on camera. If you have a large production planned that requires several teams of people, you can rest assured that we have the space to accommodate them at Toronto’s Audio Process.  

Post Video Shooting Production

After you’ve finished shooting your video you won’t have to worry about losing any creativity during the downtime between shooting and editing. If you want to get to work immediately editing your video, we have some of the highest-quality studio editing equipment available to accurately correct audio issues with your recording. 

Our team is also highly trained and experienced to help you during the post-production process. 

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Equipment And Amenities For Video Shooting

We have plenty of resources including our 30,000-square foot facility that you can use while shooting your video. Here’s a list of some of our equipment and amenities to help give you the smoothest possible video shooting experience:

  • Wardrobe Room

  • Hair & Makeup Room

  • 2018 6-core Mac Mini w/ 64GB ram, 2TB SSD

  • Asus MX27AQ 2.5k 27

  • JS2 Mic splitters

  • Ambient QP5100, 5130 boom poles

  • Cinela windshield kits

  • Betso SBOX-2RF & TCX-2+ sync boxes 

  • Betso WTCS-1 smart slates

  • Phonak Invisity “Earwig” systems

  • Lectrosonics DBSM, DBu, SMV & SMWB bodypack transmitters

  • Lectrosonics M2R IEM receivers

  • Sound Devices Scorpio & 888 Mixer-Recorders

  • Sound Devices CL-16 Control Surface

  • Shure SM7B microphones

Give us a call to learn more about our video shooting space or to book a time to shoot at Audio Process today!